More details coming as we continue to grow our community…..

Your donations are greatly appreciated. All gatherings offered through Compassionate Community are free of charge so no one is turned away from receiving support. If you are guided to donate to assists us in offsetting cost & providing deeper support to members in need you may do so here. Thank you beloved.

Other ways to support us:
You can also support us by shopping at Potionlady.com for Magical Potions (aka our special flower essences) & Integrated Wholistic Health services, such as Homeopathy consultations & Facial Analysis to detect mineral deficiencies.

If you would like to go deeper in personal support of learning check out Energist.net.  We go deeper here into aligning you with your Soul’s Quantum Essence. You will find our in depth Classes, Group coaching, 1:1 coaching services, and Quantum Blueprint (Human Design) Readings